Granite Prices Per Square Metre

  • Absolute Black Granite

  • Angola Black Granite

  • Azul Platino Granite

  • Baltic Brown Granite

  • Blue Pearl Granite

  • Blues in the Night Granite

  • Branco Piracema Granite

  • Colonial Gold Granite

  • Cosmic Black Granite

  • Emerald Pearl Granite

  • Giallo Imperial Granite

  • Giallo Veneziano Granite

  • Honed/Matt Black Granite

  • Kashmir Gold Granite

  • Kashmir White Granite

  • Nero Cosmos Granite

  • Nero Impala Granite

  • Nero Marinace Granite

  • Rosa Porinno Granite

  • Rosa Sardo Granite

  • Rosso Multicolour Granite

  • Sapphire Brown Granite

  • Silver Waves Granite

  • Star Galaxy Granite

  • Steel Grey Granite

  • Tan Brown Granite


Granite For Your Home Or Business

natural stone sample colours on display

Granite is a truly natural stone in every sense of the word, characterful, timeless, rich in appearance and durable. For centuries it has been the number one choice of material for architects and designers looking to add natural show pieces to their projects. Stone Culture have been bringing Granite Kitchen Worktops to life for over a decade now, we began our small operation with just a few machines and tons of passion to set off on our journey to bring stone to homes and businesses within Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Bromsgrove and the West Midlands.

Can’t Find What You Are Looking For?

We have seen Granite used not only for Kitchen worktops, but more and more we are seeing it used in Bathrooms for Shower panels, bedrooms, window sills throughout the home as well as Fireplaces and Flooring. Durable, hygienic and easy to maintain, commercially Granite is a great choice for Reception Counters, Shop Counters, Food and drinks stalls and high traffic flooring solutions too. Please take look through our range of granite. This is by no means a complete list of available options so if you cannot see what you are after or have a particular Granite Worktop in mind please be sure to give us a call on 0121 630 2251. Or please fill in our Contact Form to request a call back.

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Beautiful, Timeless and Durable Granite Kitchen Worktops

Granite kitchen worktops are available in a variety of colours and finishes ranging from the very light shades of White and Pink to darker options such as Grey right through to Absolute Black in polished/shiny and matt finishes. You will find most Granite kitchen worktop surfaces are available in 30mm, 20mm and 15mm thickness. All prices quoted here are for the 30mm option with a polished finish. Please contact us for details and pricing on other variations. By far the most popular choice is a 30mm thickness for a granite kitchen worktop with any up-stands and splash-backs fabricated in a 20mm matching Granite to give balanced proportions. Bathroom shower panels are best fabricated in 20mm thickness with window sills an individual choice in either the 30mm thickness or 20mm equivalent. 15mm Granite kitchen worktops are not recommended where large seamless areas need to be covered, the 15mm alternative is generally suited to flooring where smaller pieces are used instead of larger ones to negate the weakness with the thinner option.

Grey Kitchen with Black Granite Worktops

Things To Consider When Buying Granite Kitchen Worktops

As with all natural stone there can be no guarantee that the veining and “patterns” will be consistent from one batch of slabs to the next, however Granite kitchen worktops have shown to be some of the most consistent in terms of colour and pattern compared to stones such as Marble and Limestone which always tend to have more variation. Furthermore Granite’s which have larger swirling patterns and veining can be said to have the most variance compared to those Granite’s which have a tighter quartz like structure.

Beware of Granite kitchen worktops purchased from retailers who import pre-fabricated sheets because they are often made with 12mm-15mm Granite which is then backed on to fibre board to offer support. This is a cheap alternative and often inferior in terms of strength, quality and overall appearance. Pre-fabricated sheets will also limit you in terms of the overall fit because your kitchen will need to fit the granite, not the other way around. You may also find that you are limited with the type of Sink and taps you can choose because these areas will also be pre-fabricated. With a bespoke job from Stone Culture everything will be fabricated to suit your appliances, Kitchen layout and style.

So what makes Granite so special?

Your Granite is quarried and then transported to the UK from countries across the world such as India, Africa, Spain and Brazil, Granite begins its life as a flowing molten mass much like Volcanic lava. Granite is formed when this lava is cooled down and it is this specific natural cooling process which takes place beneath the Earths surface that makes the Granite very hard and dense. In fact, for complete peace of mind you will be pleased to know that Granite is second only to diamonds when it comes to hardness.

Formed beneath the Earths Surface, it is far more durable and tougher than those rocks which are formed above the Earths Surface (such as Marble) making it an ideal choice for a variety of uses in high traffic areas within the home and business today.

Quarrying Granite
Granite Kitchen Worktops Slabs

Using The Latest Technology

Traditionally carved by hand and used in huge structures such as the Pyramids in Ancient Egypt, Granite has slowly found its way in to our every day lives due to the advancement in technology and more specifically a shift from hand tools to high power cutting and fabrication tools. Although the process of quarrying hasn’t changed much since the ancient times. The stone is cut out in large blocks, it is then “sliced” in to thinner slabs before being face polished and trimmed to size and shipped abroad. It is the fabrication process thereafter which gives us the end product we have all come to know and appreciate today. In the past hand tools were used to poor effect because the Granite is a very hard material to cut, shape and polish. However new manufacturing methods, the use of diamond tools, water jets and Computer Numeric Control (CNC) technology have seen Granite spread throughout the modern world in a variety of intricate and beautiful structures for us to enjoy.

Variety Of Uses

Due to its unique hard wearing properties Granite is used on high traffic public areas such as floors and busy reception counters. Granite Worktops are also great for use on restaurant food counters and bar counter tops. Traditionally used in the home for luxury Kitchen worktops, you can now find granite widely used in bathrooms and bedrooms too. Granite is a wonderful option for bathroom sinks tops and window sills to add a touch of luxury. Bedrooms can also benefit from adding a splash of natural stone to clad feature walls and dressing table tops. You can buy Granite safe in the knowledge that you have a material which will stand the test of time.

Granite Bedroom Panels
Granite Bathroom Sink Top

Professional Advice

Beautiful, durable and easy to maintain, it is clear to see why so many home and business owners choose to opt for Granite kitchen worktops, Granite bathroom sills, Granite shower panels and bedrooms. Let our team of specialist advise you on how best to bring your home or work-space to life with a splash of granite, at Stone Culture you can expect genuine professional advice from people who are passionate about Stone. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0121 630 2251  for a free consultation today.