Competitive Pricing

As we know high quality craftsmanship does not come cheap, however we have established important relationships within the wholesale industry to drive down our costs for raw materials which allows us to price our work competitively on a like for like basis. If you find a quote cheaper elsewhere we will not only match but in most cases beat the price. View our selection of Granite and Quartz surfaces starting from as little as £289 per m2. For a FREE quotation please complete our online contact form here.

Please note, we fabricate and install your granite and quartz kitchen worktops using the latest Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machinery and tooling to ensure for a consistently high quality finish every time. If you wish to discuss price matching in detail please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0121 630 2251

 High Quality Material & Craftsmanship

Raw material is sourced by our Team directly from world class quarries in countries such as Italy, Spain, Africa and India. Not only is it a great opportunity to travel the world but ensures we take a hands on approach right from the extraction of the natural stone to the fabrication and installation in your Home or Business. We also use an established network of UK distributors for leading brands of Marble, Quartz and Granite to bring you a complete range of materials, colours and finishes to suit your needs. There is absolutely no compromise on the quality of material we supply and our skilled craftsmen ensure every project is treated on a case by case basis with complete responsibility to deliver to our customers every need. We have invested in some of the best Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machinery in the UK to not only ensure your project is delivered in a timely manner, but to also ensure millimetre precision and a consistently high quality finish. We do not mass produce abroad nor ship over blanks which are then “trimmed to size”. Rather we cut and fabricate your stone surfaces directly from high quality large format slabs delivered directly from source.

You will also find a huge variance in quality and finish with those stone surfaces that are fabricated/manufactured using traditional hand operated machinery and tools which cannot guarantee consistency or fine detailing to a high standard. Many years of experience have allowed us to fine tune our process to ensure no stone is left unturned in making sure your project is delivered to a high standard, one which we are proud to associate our name with.

Service with a smile

How many Marble, Granite or Quartz worktops would we expect the average person to purchase during their lifetime? If you are lucky enough to allow yourself the luxury of having this high end product in your home or business it is most likely this is the very first time you are looking to make this purchase. Having spent many years within the Kitchen and Fireplace industry we understand  that pushy salesmen simply do not equate to happy customers. To be a part of the Stone Culture team you must be passionate about stone and possess a customer focused attitude. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from our competitors and is testament to our long term success that is built on genuine recommendations from our satisfied customers.

We choose to take a consultative approach because every job is unique and must be treated as such. We fill a gap in the market whereby we bring our deep knowledge and passion of the Granite, Marble and Quartz Industry and couple this with great customer service to ensure our customers are informed and satisfied they have explored all the options available to them in the UK today.

Many clients will often choose to purchase their Stone from their kitchen cabinet supplier who may not possess the knowledge of materials and finishes available or suitable for their long term use. It is likely they are also incentivised by their supplier and as a result tend to push one particular product which yields more income or is “headache free”. Alternatively we find some clients may choose to go directly to the factory to make their purchase from a specialist, however feedback tells us that often the customer service element is missing because the factories usually rely upon high turnover often guaranteed by their network of kitchen retailers to whom they give priority. Many simply do not have the time required to spend with their customer to ensure they are satisfied that every option has been discussed, be it suitable material for its correct application or finer detailing such as drainer grooves, edging and corners.

We aim to leave our customer smiling and very proud of their new purchase, how else can we expect you to recommend us to your family, friends and colleagues?